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BB2 E47: Anxiety and Public Speaking w Dr. Nick

featuring Dr. Nick Lazaris Overview We chat with Dr. Nick, Performanc Psychologist and Anxiety Coach, shows us how to overcome anxiety with public speaking. In this Episode - How to overcome anxiety with public speaking (and live video) - The science behind why you...

BB2 E46: Cover Your Legal Booty w Gena Jaffe

featuring Genavieve JaffeOverview Gena breaks down business law and makes it easy to understand for online coaches and consultants. In this Episode time stamps are approximate 2:34 Gena shares her story, how she grew to six figures, went almost bankrupt, but came back...

BB2 E45: Zach Spuckler on Launching Using Free Challenges

featuring Zach Spuckler Overview Zach Spuckler of Heart, Soul, and Hustle talks about how to launch your product using 5 day challenges. In this Episode 1:21 Zach Story 4:40 from school to business owner 8:24 How to go from “thing to thing” without losing focus 12:55...

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The show is hosted by me, Stacy Barnes. I'm a marketing strategist who helps personal brand coaches and coaches get CLEAR and CONFIDENT on their marketing strategy.

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