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Season 1 Favorites

Angie Lee

Beating debt on the road to 7 figures

Kimra Luna

From welfare to millionaire

Alex Beadon

Instagram stories that sell

Rachel Luna

Manifesting with confidence

Recent Episodes

season one just wrapped; season two to relaunch in august

BB1 E43: Season Finale!

Overview Lessons learned from the podcast! In this Episode Podcast Finale 5 Things I've Learned from Creating a Podcast Podcast Tutorials Pat Flynn's Tutorial Cliff Ravenscraft Workflow Tutorial an oldie, but a goodie A1 Podcast is the best way to connect with...

BB1 E42: Angie Lee – Play to Win (Literally)

featuring Angie Lee Overview Angie gives us the "secrets" to her 7 figure+ business. In this Episode 07:23 going from debt mindset to abundance mindset 10:35 how to make money when you’re just starting out 12:07 how to define your niche 19:55 managing anxiety 27:10...

BB1 E41: Pitches and DIY P.R.

featuring Lisa Feren Overview Lisa chats about crafting your perfect pitch and how to D.I.Y. your P.R. In this Episode 02:58 Difference between crafting a pitch, public relations, and copywriting 07:35 Lisa walks me through the process of working together 14:30 Craft...

The Host

The show is hosted by me, Stacy Barnes. I'm a visual brand strategist who helps entrepreneurs build and design amazing brands that attract high paying clients.

I’ve worked with high level, 6+ figure entrepreneurs to help create graphics to up-level their brand.

Learn more about me at or follow me on Instagram @stacyabarnes