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BB1 E37: SS – Client Magnet

Overview Day 3 of Stagnant to Stellar In this Episode - How to attract ideal clients - How to have a continuos stream of incoming clients - Announcing my free training to RAPIDLY BOOST the number of incoming clients Listen...

BB1 E36: SS – Reading Minds

Overview Stagnat to Stellar Day 2 In this Episode - Find out what you're client is thinking - How to create a survey - How to create incentive to get strangers to fill out a survey - Significance of client research Listen...

BB1 E35: SS – Dream Clients

Overview Stagnant to Stellar challenge, Day 1. Join FREE at In this Episode Today we get *crystal* clear on our ideal client. No more generic, vague descriptions. No more guessing who we *might* want to work with. Today is the day you find out...

The Host

The show is hosted by me, Stacy Barnes. I'm a visual brand strategist who helps entrepreneurs build and design amazing brands that attract high paying clients.

I’ve worked with high level, 6+ figure entrepreneurs to help create graphics to up-level their brand.

Learn more about me at or follow me on Instagram @stacyabarnes