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BB2 E54: Traits of Great Personal Brands

Overview Traits of Great Personal Brands In this Episode In this episode, I show you examples of great personal brands and why I think they’re awesome. The marks of a strong personal brand are: Message Consistency: beats on the same drum over and over Visual...

BB2 E53: Boo! Stop Scaring Clients Away

Overview Wonder why you’re not closing the sale? Racking your brain trying to figure out what went wrong? Want to learn how increase your close rate? In this episode are my top tips for closing 80%+ of the clients that get on a call with me. In this Episode Why You're...

BB2 E52: Carrie Green and Visualization for Success

featuring Carrie Green Overview Carrie shares how you can use visualization to create massive success in your business. In this Episode 03:18 Carrie’s story from phone unlocking to international community for female entrepreneurs 08:10 Starting a membership site 09:43...

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The show is hosted by me, Stacy Barnes. I'm a marketing strategist who helps personal brand coaches and coaches get CLEAR and CONFIDENT on their marketing strategy.

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