Brand and Blossom is a new podcast launching August 15.

It is all about building brands and empowering entrepreneurs.

Topics are centered around visual branding, as well as topics that empower entrepreneurs by equiping them with tools and knowledge to grow their online business.

The show is committed to (at least) one full season, from August 15 – May 29th.

Previous Guests

Kimra Luna of Freedom Hackers
The Stacey Harris of Hit the Mic
Bee Fells of Branding Bestie
Chrissy Marquardt

Cho Spicer of Femargent

Louise Edu of Mighty Mompreneurs

The Host

The show is hosted by me, Stacy Barnes. I’m a visual brand strategist who helps entrepreneurs build and design amazing brands that attract high paying clients.

I’ve worked with high level, 6+ figure entrepreneurs to help create graphics to up-level their brand.

Learn more about me at stacybarnes.com or follow me on Instagram @stacyabarnes