Lessons learned from the podcast!

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Podcast Finale

5 Things I’ve Learned from Creating a Podcast

Podcast Tutorials
Pat Flynn’s Tutorial
Cliff Ravenscraft Workflow Tutorial an oldie, but a goodie

A1 Podcast is the best way to connect with influencers

A2 Easiest way to create content [for me];
BUT show notes are important and those can take a while

A3 Edit and upload RIGHT AWAY

A4 Batching is important. So is CONSISTENT batching.

A5 It takes time to build and audience. Repurpose content as a blog, show notes. I did a magazine that I need a better job of announcing.

5 Things Guests Have Taught Me

B1 Consistency is key. One of the most common “habits that contribute to success”

B2 Less importance on role models. More emphasis on FOCUSING on your own goals.

B3 Boundaries are important to avoiding time sucks.

B4 Collaboration is the best way to grow without paid ads.

B5 Sushi is a guest favorite.

5 Things to Look Forward To

C1 More workshop-style podcasts

C2 Better show notes, better freebies

C3 Possible (printed) anthology of Season 1

C4 A summit? A video series? Maybe? Who knows…

C5 Calmesque podcast

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