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Zach Spuckler


Zach Spuckler of Heart, Soul, and Hustle talks about how to launch your product using 5 day challenges.

In this Episode

1:21 Zach Story
4:40 from school to business owner
8:24 How to go from “thing to thing” without losing focus
12:55 What’s working for your right now to build email list Facebook ad
17:03 Why a 5 day challenge (as opposed to 3 or 30 days)
19:09 How to keep up momentum during a challenge
21:13 How to get people to go from challenge to paid product (“The Gap”)
23:31 Easiest way to start a challenge (without getting overwhelmed with the tech)
25:11 The importance of going LIVE in a challenge

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About Zach

Zach is the founder of Heart, Soul & Hustle and host of a podcast by the same name where he teaches business owners how to leverage Facebook Ads and Launches to strategically maximize leads, conversions, and sales – and ultimately profit! At just 25, Zach has helped his students execute six-figure launches and create sustainable sales funnels that leverage Facebook Ads that allow them to work less and profit more.


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