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Dr. Nick Lazaris


We chat with Dr. Nick, Performanc Psychologist and Anxiety Coach, shows us how to overcome anxiety with public speaking.

In this Episode

– How to overcome anxiety with public speaking (and live video)
– The science behind why you feel anxious
– How to address both the physical and mental aspects of anxiety
– Simple steps to calm yourself
and much more!

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More about Dr. Nick

As a Performance Psychologist and Anxiety Coach, Dr. Nick Lazaris has specialized for 38 years in helping entrepreneurs, performing artists, and creatives achieve a life and career that they never imagined possible.

By helping them dramatically increase their self-confidence and overcome their fear, his clients have developed the ability to consistently perform at or near their personal best regardless of the circumstances.

In addition to coaching and speaking, he has authored the books, including From Panic to Peace ; The Assertive Communicator ; Stress, Resiliency & Taking Charge of Your Life ; and his upcoming book, The Fearless Business Speaker.


Dr. Nick Lazaris
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