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Kelly Roach


Kelly shares her story from how she want from former NFL cheerleader to business growth strategist. We also chat about growing your team so that you can spend more time doing the things that matter most.

In this Episode

1:36 Kelly’s Story
6:26 Mindset behind being “first to arrive, last to leave”
8:26 Working hard versus working on the right things
11:26 Kelly’s new book, Bigger Than You
12:45 Your first hire, the first step in growing your team
14:06 How to move on from first hire to a team of people
17:10 Measuring your ROI on a hire (the 4x rule)
19:00 How to find the right people to hire
21:51 Creating a probationary period for new hires
23:52 Book summary
25:00 Habits that contribute to Kelly’s success
25:55 Business role models and inspiration
27:14 Lightning round

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