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How to plan out an entire year of content


Step 1
Decide what your core product is
The entire goal of content marketing is to get people to (eventually) buy your content.

Step 2
Choose your core “bucket” topics; have around 4-6
What are topics that are relevant to your core product?
What can you talk about endlessly for days?


Step 3
Brainstorm at least 4 topics for each content bucket
The goal is to have enough topics to last you the next 30 days; or however often you create content

Step 4
Map out topics on your calendar; write when you’re going to release the content
Tip: Use a monthly calendar (like the Brand and Blossom planner) to mark the days you are releasing content

Step 5
Choose your content creation days (time)
Plan out which days and/or time slots you’re going to actually create the content

Amy Porterfield creates content every morning. She calls it “Tiger Time”. Of course we all don’t have four hours to create content, so just write down when you can create content.

Batch as much content as you can

This may vary every week/month. I suggest revisiting this every time you go to create content.

Step 6
Create the content
Start with a general outline; then fill in the outline.
TIP: Don’t edit as you write. It stunts the creation process. Instead, edit afterward.
Add in photos, links, additional resources.


Step 7
Repeat steps 3 – 6
(brainstorm topics; map content on calendar, choose content days, and create content) every _____ days; choose the interval you want to batch content – once a month, once a quarter, etc.

Step “8”
Review your process every time you start a new period.
See what’s working/what’s not working. And fix accordingly.

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