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Carrie Green


Carrie shares how you can use visualization to create massive success in your business.

In this Episode

03:18 Carrie’s story from phone unlocking to international community for female entrepreneurs

08:10 Starting a membership site

09:43 Focusing more on people than profit

10:27 Visualization and mindset for business

11:28 “So many people actually overlook [mindset]. They want to jump into the marketing strategies, how am I going to run my business, but really it’s a mistake because if you don’t have the right mindset to create success, then it’s going to be a struggle.”

13:03 “If what is going on in the inside doesn’t really align what you want on the outside, you’re never going to get what you want.”

13:52 “If you want to manifest anything, if you want to create success you have to know what it is you want to create.”

14:07 You’re also connecting with the feelings you want to experience as well as actually trying to see it in your mind.

14:17 Example: Build out a detailed picture

15:30 How Carrie used visualization to not only win an award, but manifest all the details of her experience!

17:21 It’s fun. You get to live and experience the things you want have in your life because you can connect with how that feels.

18:38 Visualization rewires your brain.

19:00 If you’re new to visualization, here’s where to start

19:28 How to create a dream jar

21:55 It doesn’t have to be big humongous goals, it could be just fun everyday things you like

23:06 You can visualize (you can visualize your front door, for example) you just need to practice

23:43 “When you don’t get intentional about you want, that’s when you start living the same year over and over again.”

25:12 Words of encouragement for entrepreneurs who are still in the grind

“Having complete clarity around what you want to achieve, so you know everyday when you wake up like what you’re going to do. At the end of the day as entrepreneurs, there’s really only one job we all have and it’s ‘How do we get our audience to fall in love with our business?’”

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