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Wonder why you’re not closing the sale?
Racking your brain trying to figure out what went wrong?
Want to learn how increase your close rate?

In this episode are my top tips for closing 80%+ of the clients that get on a call with me.

In this Episode

Why You’re Scaring Clients Away

You’re dodgy about pricing
People don’t trust people who don’t put their prices up.
You tend to attract hagglers who think they can talk you down in price; as well as scare off people who are afraid of price negotiation

You’re not friendly; you’re intimidating
In an effort to close the sale, you may come off as rude – guilting someone by making them think they’re not

You lack confidence
You’re lack of confidence comes across as desperation. (Usually happens when you haven’t been doing it long enough.) Your voice gets pitchy and unsure, and therefore the client is unsure.

How I Close Sales

Brand Building (a.k.a. Trust Building)
People could see my photography, people can see my design portfolio. They already love my work before they ever hop onto a call.
Action Item → Build your brand, put out testimonials, make people fall in love with you

Intake Survey
I get everything I need to know about the client before we get on the call. I know if we’re a good fit right off the bat. If we’re not, then I don’t move forward (saves us BOTH time).
Action Item → Create an intake survey with questions that really get you to know your client

They know what they’re getting before they get on the call
I describe my packages in full detail (based on their needs). They know the process. They know what’s included (and what’s not included). They already KNOW they need it before going in.
Action Item → Describe your package in detail (based on your clients needs)

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