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Traits of Great Personal Brands

In this Episode

In this episode, I show you examples of great personal brands and why I think they’re awesome.

The marks of a strong personal brand are:
Message Consistency: beats on the same drum over and over
Visual Consistency: photos, colors, graphics
Polarity: draws a hard line in the sand, knows what they will and will not stand for


James Wedmore

I’ve listened to several of James’ interviews, podcasts, and training and his message always stays the same. Some things he says over and over:
Hard work and hustle are NOT the keys to success.
What got you here won’t get you there.
Master your mindset if you want to be successful in business.

He not only preaches it, he LIVES it. He makes it a point to go surfing everyday. He doesn’t work 24/7.

Carrie Green

Another with message consistency, Carrie Green. Mindset is essential to success.

How I’m incorporating it: “Building brands and empowering entrepreneurs”; bringing you tools that will help grow your brand and business.


Kimra Luna

Distinct, bright branding. Same colors and fonts. The same fonts for Freedom Hackers, Be True Brand You, and her recent mastermind (“Endless Traffic” Mastermind).

Alex Beadon

Same bright colors for her podcast “On Purpose with Alex Beadon”, Gram Slam and her Instagram. Her Instagram stories are all very consistent with style.

How I’m incorporating it: Consistent fonts and colors, using Planoly for Instagram


Cara Alwill Leyba

Her book Girl Code encourages community over competition. She wants women to stop being fiercely competitive and become more excited about the wins of others. It’s polar because it’s opposite of how many females view their competition.

She also goes against the grain when it comes to content creation. She encourages going with your instinct, and not putting out content simply because it’s on a schedule.

Rachel Luna

Not shy about her Christian faith although she doesn’t work just with Christians. Her podcast “Real Talk with Rachel Luna” keeps it real. She doesn’t shy away from speaking her mind, where most people would hold back.

How I’m incorporating it: “Back to Basics” approach to marketing. One step above mindset, one step under typical marketing strategies (Facebook ads, social media). It’s the step in between that no one talks about.

How I’m incorporating it: More clean language, clean content

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