Guest Expectations

Before the Show

You will receive an email about 2-3 days before your episode with a link to Zoom or Skype (whichever you prefer).

We want to make sure that you are represented in the best light possible, so make sure you are using a solid mic. People will listen to your episode longer if the audio quality is nice and crisp.

Just before we start recording, we’ll do a very brief pre-chat. I’ll get to know you a little bit better and then I’ll get an idea of where you want to steer the show.

During the Show

We’ll start off with some basic questions, such as “introduce yourself” and “what do you do”.

The show is here for you, and we want to steer the conversation in the direction that you are most passionate about. We want you fired up and excited to be our guest.

After the Show

You are not required to share out your episode, but we do make it easy for you! 🙂

We’ll create a customized press kit for your show to share out to your audience on your favorite social media platform and blog. Pick and choose where you want to share and you can easily copy and paste the info from your custom press kit.

Links and Resources

We’ll try to grab these from you before the show, but as the show evolves, you may want to add more or change out the links.

Just send us an email with the links and we’ll be sure to include them in our show notes.