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Grant Cardone recently posted a simple poll on Twitter. It simply asked, “In your opinion whats more important?”, followed by two options:

. marketing
. sales

The final poll results revealed that “sales” was considered more important by 67%. (Results are obviously not scientific.)

The problem with the question is that marketing is not separate from sales.

Marketing does not always lead to a sale, but a sale never happens without marketing.

Marketing is simply bringing awareness to a product.

A cardboard sign that has “Lemonade: 50 cents” is considered marketing. Even putting a lemonade stand on the yard is marketing – it’s positioning. Marketing is not, however, putting lemonade in the fridge and hoping someone knows it’s there.

But, the better the marketing, the better the sales.

Posting about the lemonade sale on social media brings awareness. Running Facebook ads, even more awareness. Positioning your lemonade stand at the end of a school race on a hot day is great marketing.

Yes, we need sales. We absolutely need sales. But how can we make sales if no one knows the product exists?

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